The Cottage - Certified Medium, Healing Facilitator, Author

Tucked away in the quiet community of Valley Mede, Maryland, is a tranquil, peaceful and private place where people come from all over to heal, transform, and reawaken to what makes their hearts sing.

In 2016, Lois Anne Smith was personally selected by International British Medium, Lisa Williams, to attend a World Summit program that resulted in Ms. Smith receiving her Advanced Mediumship and Psychic Certification.

Lois Anne uses her gifts in an atmosphere of love and healing for all who come to The Cottage. Her personal healing journey has taught her to embrace others with gentleness and compassion. She offers private sessions, small and large group readings and workshops throughout the United States.

Thank you for the reading in Manassas today; my mother, father, sister, and Nanny came through. I wanted to follow up with you about your exceptional accuracy!  I checked my dad's records when I returned home, and am reminded that the specifics of his passing were exactly as you said. I marveled at your message from my sister. Thank you for your great gift to me this afternoon. 
- Joyce D., Virginia

"Thank you so much for the most incredible experience yesterday. Having that gift of time with my Father and both grandmothers was beyond words. I’ve already been putting so much more together since I left. I cannot wait to play back our session to further explore and understand all that was shared. I look forward to continuing on this spiritual awakening and look to you as a mentor for this. Thank you again! YOU are incredible!!! " TS, Virginia

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