The Cottage - Spiritual Medium, Teacher, Author

Tucked away in the quiet community of Valley Mede, just off Rt. 40 West, is a tranquil, peaceful and private place where people come from all over to find connection and healing. 
Lois Anne is an experienced medium and author who uses her gift to bridge the physical and spiritual realms in an atmosphere of love and understanding for the purpose of bringing clarity, healing, and connection to those on both sides of the veil. 

A gifted facilitator of healing, Lois Anne is passionate about helping others identify and shift old energy imprints (thoughts, feelings, beliefs) and re-awaken to their own truth.  
Lois Anne holds certifications in an array of healing modalities although it is her Ama~Deus Instructor title that she treasures most. (She is one of five accredited instructors in North America by the International Ama~Deus Association). Lois Anne has studied with international mediums and healers from around the globe and has maintained a commitment to her own spiritual  journey since 1989. She embraces others with gentleness and compassion and has a deep passion to help all who come to The Cottage.

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