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Ama~Deus® is a healing method from a whole or soul perspective that is used to access a stream of consciousness that is Love, the force that draws us back to Source.  This method, like any technique that is used to access the Universal Source, is a spiritual practice of using energy for healing. Ama-Deus® or Love is a tool that works to enhance our growth and awareness of one’s self, as well as others.

What is Ama~Deus® 
Ama~Deus is Latin for: To Love God. It is a beautiful vibration of unconditional love that assists us with a soul's perspective of our lives. This method of energy healing, not a religious dogma; it is a spiritual healing energy offered lovingly by the Universe as a tool to enhance our spiritual growth and awareness while supporting our physical and emotional healing.

We live in a physical world composed of energy. As souls, we are energy in a physical dimension. Therefore, this matter that we are and that we live in can be affected by energy. Ama-Deus® method of healing can be used to assist, enhance and expand the human experience in the physical reality. As the planet and its people have evolved, pure energy for healing purposes has been offered to humankind. We can now experience a sensibility that is open to this ancient and everlasting healing energy.

Many of these energy techniques have been on the Earth for a long time. However, our awareness was not always open to their exploration. In the more recent past, a reintroduction of these techniques into the world has been openly and lovingly received.

Ama~Deus Class
In the Ama-Deus® class, participants take part in the ancient Guarani Indian initiation ceremony. This ceremony symbolizes each person's willingness to acknowledge his or her innate ability to receive and channel this high-level energy. Each participant learns the ceremonial invocation that connects one to the flow of Ama-Deus® energy. This is the invocation that one uses whenever they wish to utilize the energy for support and healing.  Participants learn the nine sacred symbols that the Guarani use in their work with this energy. Lois Anne guides participants in use of the healing energy for themselves as well as others.

During the class, guided meditations assist attendees in their personal healing. Lois Anne will demonstrate, offer information, and thoughtfully answer all questions.  The first level Ama-Deus® class is six hours long. Those completing the first level can take the second level Ama-Deus® class, a one-day seminar, that teaches additional symbols.

Gifts of the Sacred Symbols

  1. Expand and Enhance Capacity for Love
  2. Thins Veil for Connection with Guides/Angels
  3. Access to Past Lives for Healing
  4. Earth Healing
  5. Healing for Animals
  6. Releasing Repeating Patterns
  7. Healing for Addiction
  8. Purification
  9. Peaceful Transition for the Dying
  10. Assistance for New Borns
  11. Clarity into Life's Confusing Situations
  12. Manifestation of Heart's Desire
  13. Increased Intuition
  14. Birthday Blessing 
  15. Spiritual Vision & Clarity, and more.

Lois Anne Smith,  East Coast Instructor  
Lois Anne Smith has worked extensively with Ama-Deus® healing for more than 12 years and was initiated into the Instructors level by the International Association's Founder,  in 2011.  She is currently one of six instructors in North America and recently helped assist the Association's founder in the initiation of instructors world-wide. Lois Anne offers Ama~Deus classes at The Cottage and throughout the United States.

Upcoming Classes by Location       

Lake Havasu City, Arizona
     November 3-5, 2017, Weekend Immersion, $100 per level
         Friday:  7pm-9pm, Free Lecture
         Saturday: 10am - 4pm, Level 1
         Sunday: 9am - 5pm, Level 2, Practitioner Certification
         Contact:  June Weiss,

Levels 1 & 2 Deposit
Price: $20.00

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