The Cottage - Certified Medium, Healing Facilitator, Author

Spiritual Development Series 
    with Lois Anne Smith
22 Workshops over 18 Months
Designed to Expand Your Personal and Spiritual Growth
Mix and Match to Your Liking

Two Locations: 
The Ellicott City Wellness Center
3691 Park Ave., Ellicott City, Maryland 21043
The Cottage
2822 Greenway Drive, Ellicott City, Maryland 21042

Delve into the magic as Author and Certified Advanced Medium/Psychic, Lois Anne Smith, shares in-depth knowledge, insight, and techniques to develop and fine-tune your innate spiritual gifts. Yes, we all have them!

Lois Anne stepped onto a spiritual path in 1989 and opened her own healing center, The Cottage, in 2007. Over the years, The Cottage has grown into a beacon of light for all who come. Whether local or cross-country, her sessions are known for their high level of accuracy and healing messages. Lois Anne’s personal life also reflects the spiritual principals, ethics, and integrity that are the hallmark of her success.  

Beginning April 22, 2018 and running through October 2019, her new Spiritual Development Series offers 22 bite-size segments designed to propel you forward in your development. These workshops are chocked-full of information and exercises with some expanding into 4 or 6 week offerings for an even deeper exploration. 

Taken all together, they will create new heights of inner peace, connection and joyous purpose. Of course, you can also mix and match and attend the topic(s) that interest you the most. Each segment will offer guidance and insight for the beginner, intermediate and those on the path for many years.

Why Develop Personally/Spiritually:
As we experience life, each of us chooses whether to evolve. When growth occurs, we clear out the past (the immediate past, generational past, relationship past, even spiritual past). This process of letting go naturally allows our vibration to increase so more of our spirit can reside within the physical form. 

Today, more and more people are being sparked by their intuition and inner promptings to create new, exciting, expansive experiences. In doing so, we cast off the old and make room for new insights and realizations about ourselves and the world around us.

Each of us is already engaged in a profound personal transformation, all taking place with an abundance of support from both sides of the veil. As more of our light (true essence) comes in, the body becomes less constrained. Abilities that have laid dormant in mind and spirit become readily accessible. Our day-to-day lives become easier, our purpose clearer. Welcome home.

Development Circles
   Where the Magic Happens!
June 24, 2018, 9:30 - 11:30am, $35 - FULL

Connect with and expand your intuition, psychic, and/or mediumship gifts in this Development Circle Workshop. 
Understand why the Circle is the cornerstone of a spiritual development practice.  The Development Circle is a specialized form of group meditation with a 3-fold purpose: (1) To strengthen your connection to the higher realms, (2) open your spiritual gifts, (3) raise your vibration to a level that positively impacts your day-to-day life and relationships. Together, we will:
  • Understand the main levels above the crown chakra and how each level assists you.
  • Explore how the collective gifts of those within the circle are used to open new abilities within yourself.
  • Find/expand your connection to a power greater than yourself.
  • Learn how to choose a development circle as well as suggestions for starting your own.
  • Experience the magic a circle for yourself.

Journey Further with Development Circles - FULL
A 6-week development circle is offered for those who would like to sit in development with Lois Anne. Those attending both the June 24, 2018 workshop and 6-week development circle will be invited to attend her going weekly circle.
Beginner’s Development Circle
Saturday nights: June 30, July 7, 14, 21, 28, August 4, 2018
7pm-8:30pm, Cost: $90

Chakras and Their Archetypes SOLD OUT
July 15, 2018, 9:30am-11:30am, $35
Ellicott City Wellness Center, 3691 Park Ave., Ellicott City, MD 21043  Community Room.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning spinning wheels. The 7 main chakras are the centers in our bodies through which energy flows. For instance, our heart chakra allows us to give and receive love while our throat center governs all forms of communication including self-talk.
This workshop will provide:
  • An overview of the 7 level chakra system. 
  • A fun exploration into the positive and negative archetypes (inherited patterns of thought) that reside within each chakra. 
  • Recommendations to gently shift from the negative persona into the positive one.
  • Insight into how our filters affect our ability to hear, see, and feel what Spirit is communicating.
  • Awareness of how each of the above impacts our intuitive, psychic and mediumship abilities.

Chakra and Archetypes
July 15, 2018
Price: $35.00

Soul Connection & Purpose
August 5, 2018, 9:30am-11:30am, $35
Your soul is your innermost being, your true essence, the part of you that transcends space and time. It contains your soul's contract for this lifetime along with a wealth of insight regarding life experiences and challenges we encounter throughout our lives. 

Come and explore this incredible part of you and discover your soul’s purpose and your life’s lesson(s). This knowledge can be a game changer for many as you uncover answers to age-old questions such as: Who am I? Why am I Here? Am I on the Right Path?  These answers can empower you to make conscious choices that are in alignment with this truth.
We’ll also go deep into a guided meditation and connect with your eternal essence.

Soul Connection & Purpose
August 5, 2018
Price: $35.00

Psychic Development with Guest Teacher: Nancy Andrews

August 19, 2018, 9:30am - 11:30am, $35
Recommended (not required) Pre-requisites: Intuition, Chakras, Soul Connection & Purpose 

Take your intuition to a psychic level with this development workshop by Certified Psychic/Medium Nancy Andrews. Nancy has taught Psychic Development for many years and will be sharing her wisdom and insight as she guides you to:
  • Understand what ‘being psychic’ really means,
  • Open your channels of connection for yourself and others
  • Gain insight into receiving past, present and future information in the areas of: Career, Finances, Relationships, Family, Health, and Spirituality,
  • Watch and learn as Nancy gives a psychic reading demonstration.
  • In-class practice with easy to follow exercise(s).

Psychic Development
August 19, 2018
Price: $35.00

Love: It All Begins with You
Sept. 9, 2018, 9:30am - 11:30am, $35

Bring balance to your spiritual journey by increasing your awareness and application of spiritual principals. We’ll begin by delving into the topic of Love from the perspective of self. It can be easy to love our partners, children, animals, nature, pizza, etc., but do we love and care for ourselves with the same thought and attention? Do we even accept ourselves, much less tenderly appreciate ourselves? Join Lois Anne as she gets personal and shares about her near-death experience at age 11, her encounter with a Being of Great Light, and the complete love she felt for the first time in her young life. 
Then explore what it means to care, accept, even love ourselves and go on a deeply healing meditation with your Master Teacher. Take this spiritual (not religious) journey and open to new levels of self-love, receiving all the care and kindness your body, mind and spirit can hold. 

Love: It All Begins with You
Sept. 9, 2018
Price: $35.00

Journey Further into Love
A 6-week segment follows that explores the concepts of: 
Trust, Letting Go, Commitment, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Acceptance. A transformative guided-meditation is offered for each. Sept. 19 & 26, Oct. 3, 10, 17, 24, 7pm-8:30pm
$100 for Series or $20 each. Registration will be available at the Sept. 9th workshop.
Minimum/Maximum Attendees: 6/12

Mediumship Development with Teaching Demonstration
Oct. 7, 2018, 9:30am - 11:30am, $55
Recommended (not required) Pre-requisites: Meditation, Chakras, Development Circle, Soul Connection & Purpose

We are all mediums on one level or another.  Have you ever sensed the presence of a loved one who passed? Or out of the blue smelled her perfume or the odor of his pipe tobacco? Maybe you had a dream about them that was so vivid. Spirits will use our feelings, sense of smell, sight, taste, even our dreams to convey messages of love and closeness. 

When we die, we shift from a low vibration (physical matter) to a much higher vibration (spirit, light, pure energy). Mediums are people who naturally “tune in” to these higher vibrations. However, anyone can learn to receive information and begin to trust what they receive. Lois Anne’s often says, “If you are drawn to mediumship, then you can absolutely do it with guidance and practice.” During the workshop, Lois Anne will demonstrate mediumship while answering questions about how she ‘works’ with spirit.

Mediumship Development
October 7, 2018
Price: $55.00

Journey Further with Mediumship
Those who attend the October 7th workshop have the option of attending one or more of the following 4-Segment Series. 
Saturday’s 1pm-5pm, $75 each segment
  • Strengthen Your Connection - Oct. 20, 2018
  • Build & Expand Your Evidence - Nov. 3, 2018
  • Receive the Healing Message - Nov. 17, 2018
  • Bring it All Together and Troubleshoot - Dec. 1, 2018
Minimum/Maximum Attendees:  8/12

4 Segment Mediumship Series
Oct 20-Dec 1, 2018
Price: $75.00

Spirit Guides: Let’s Meet Them
Nov. 11, 2018, 9:30am - 11:30am, $35

When we view our lives from a soul perspective, we realize just how sacred our journey is and why we are never be left alone. Your journey on Planet Earth is all about growing, expanding, teaching and loving, and the entire Universe conspires to help you. Explore the concept of Spirit Guides as you:
  • Discover What Spirit Guides Are, 
  • Know who they are and when they are near,
  • And most importantly: How they can and already do assist you, 
  • Meet Your Master Guide through meditation. 
Lois Anne will also demonstrate delivering Spirit Guide message(s).

Spirit Guides
Nov. 11, 2018
Price: $35.00

Ascended Masters
Dec. 9, 2018, 9:30am - 11:30am, $35

Ascended Masters are the great, great ones. Spiritual teachers who lived and walked upon the Earth and then ascended to great heights in the afterlife. They are potent masters who help us with core themes such as joy, love, service to others. They can also help us muster the courage to make significant changes as well as develop our intuitive, psychic, mediumship capabilities. 

A few of the great ones include the Buddha, Babaji, Sananda, Yogananda, St. Francis, Padre Pio, Quan Yin, Serapis Bey, Maitreya.  

Everyone has Ascended Master(s) on their spiritual team. They are there to coach and cheer you on. Make this vital connection for yourself as you learn about and discover the wealth of paternal and maternal support they offer you.

Ascended Masters
Dec. 9, 2018
Price: $35.00

Animal Spirit Guides
Saturday, Dec. 29, 2018, 7pm-9pm, $35

Power Animal Spirits often enter The Cottage during Lois Anne's Development Circles and it's no surprise. Indigenous tribes throughout the world respect the power of animal spirit guides. They believe that every animal carries a unique energy or spirit that can serve as an ally, guide, teacher, and source of power. Let’s discover together: How animal spirits appear in our lives, Ways to communicate with them, The power different animals bring you, and How their traits reflect our own. This will be a fun, interactive workshop with guided exercises to connect with your own power animal spirit. 

Animal Spirit Guides
Saturday, Dec. 29, 2018
Price: $35.00

Angels and Something Quite Joyful

Jan. 6, 2019, 9:30am - 11:30am, $35

So far, Lois Anne has provided information and practice opportunities for connecting with loved-ones, spirit and animal guides, as well as the ascended masters. It’s now time to complete for us to rest among the angels. Angels are extraordinary beings, the very extensions of Creator Source, personifying grace, power, and healing. In fact, your own guardian angels prays unceasingly for you from cradle to the afterlife. Spread your own wings and: 

  • Meet, name, and create a trusting relationship with your personal (guardian) angel; 
  • Receive guidance and insight on the 7 main Archangels and begin to call on them with confidence.
  • Experience a special connection with a group of Seraphim Angels. The Seraphim are called the ‘burning ones’ because they reside so close to Creator Source that they burn with the flame of unconditional love. 

In preparing for this development series, the Seraphim angels asked Lois Anne if she would gift each attendee with a special attunement sourced from the Lightarian Intitute for Global Human Transformation (where Lois Anne is an Instructor). This unique experience, in the form of a guided meditation, will infuse your energies with the purest qualities and patterns of Seraphim. Think of yourself as a beautiful musical instrument that can be ‘tuned’ to play a brand new arrangement or energy pattern. This pattern symbolizes the Seraphim love, inspiration and encouraging support for each of you.

Jan. 6, 2019
Price: $35.00

Journey Further with the Angels
For those who would like to journey further with the Seraphim, an additional 5-segment workshop is offered. During each segment, the Seraphim will step forward with new perspectives, guidance and attunement completing the Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation’s Purification Ring Program (a $700 value) offered here for $32 per attunement. Lois Anne has been an attunement instructor for the Institute since 2008.
Taking many of the Lightarian's attunement programs enabled Lois Anne to raise her vibration and expand her personal healing to a level needed for the work she does today.

Thursday evenings: 7pm-8:15pm, Cost: $160
Jan. 24, 2019:  Open to greater levels of communication.
Feb. 7, 2019: Live in truth, authentically and courageously.
Feb. 21, 2019: Heals unresolved grief and integration of more light.
March 7, 2019: Manifest quickly from a state of pure bliss
March 21, 2019: Create magic and the embrace the unexpected joys in life.
Minimum/Maximum Attendees:  8/12
Attunements should be received in order as each one prepares you for the next. 

Seraphim 5 Segment Journey
Jan. 24 - March 21, 2019
Price: $160.00

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