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Light in the Night: Book Reading/Signing and
How To's for Capturing Your Own Light Filled Photos
Date:  July 15, 2017, 7pm - 9pm
Location:  The Cottage
Cost:  $15
Bring a digital camera and practice taking your own spirit photos at the end of the evening.

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Light in the Night contains stunning photographic evidence of the light-filled beings that medium Lois Anne Smith says have always been with her. The pictures were taken in the gardens surrounding her small healing center located in the quiet community of Valley Mede, Maryland.

It never occurred to her to share them in book form until the summer of 2013 when, standing in the middle of the garden, she asked out loud, “Where is everyone?” She had enjoyed three years of capturing extraordinary evidence that she was surrounded by light and love, even in—especially in—the darkness. The past six months of barely seeing a small orb felt as though someone had flipped a switch, and it was over. The answer came immediately, “My dear, you haven’t done anything with the ones we’ve given you.”  

She now makes these amazing photos available to us all, along with deeply personal stories that are sure to lift your spirit and remind us all that when the journey is about love and the entire universe supports and encourages us.

"All of the light beings in this book broke through the veil to sing a love song just for you. They are external expressions of the wonderment of spirit that is within and amoung us always. If we view the Spirit realm through the lens of Hollywood movies, ghost hunting shows, vampires and the like, then our connection 'home' will be cloaked with an element of fear. However, if we view the Spirit realm as the indigenous indians do with soul songs, dance and great joy, then all that we capture will truly be our light in the night."


Lois Anne Smith's book Light in the Night is a book that is beyond a have to read. It is one that will be read and read and read again. It's a small book, only 40 pages but it's huge in content. It has a lot of inspiration along with beautiful vibrant pictures. While reading it you will feel like you are on a magical journey that shows that we are not alone. It his as many spiritual lessons for you. It will make you think about your own life and become a seeker of your own truth. I read this book and read it again. I know it will be read again. It is a book that needs to be shared with others. I gave this book 5 stars but it truly deserves many more. I highly recommend this book to everyone. I look for more from Lois Anne Smith.  Marjorie Boyd-Springer (Independent Book Review)

This wonderful book emanates love and takes you on such a spiritual journey in hopes that you yourself will connect with your own spiritual council to embrace the love in your life. Through this book Lois Anne connects with the reader emotionally and lets the reader into something so absolutely personal and wonderful. The pictures in the book bring a sense of comfort, joy and peace. Thank you, Lois Anne, for sharing these gifts with us. Kim T.S., Rockville, Md.

Light in the Night is inspirational and beautifully written from the heart. Lois Anne has shared how powerful love is. It allows our heart to heal, frees our ego and our light to shine. It's a reminder that 'believing is seeing'. Embrace the healing, love, joy and light the Lois Anne has shared.  Kathleen, Delaware

I stayed up late last night and read the whole thing. It is really magnificent. The photos are enchanting.Thanks for sharing your stories and your love. I will read it again and again. Julie S. Ellicott City, Md.

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