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Purification Rings
6-Month Journey with the Seraphim Angels Begins:
April 15, 2017, 9am-10:15am

All Dates: 
April 15, May 13, June 17,
July 15, August 5, September 16

Cost: $40 per month 

The Purification Rings are a series of six truly wonderful Angelic Seraphim guided meditations with special energy attunements designed to energetically link you with the highest level of the Angelic Realms. 

Throughout this six month series you will: Be infused with the purest qualities and energy patterns of the Seraphic love; Receive ongoing inspiration and support encouraging you to express these Seraphic qualities into all areas of your life, 
bring these divine qualities of the Seraphim to others.

As we experience life, we choose whether to evolve. When growth occurs, we clear out the past - the immediate past, generational past, familial past, spiritual past. Our vibratory level can then increase because more of our spirit is able to reside within the physical form. As more spirit comes in, the body becomes less constrained. Abilities that have laid dormant in the mind and spirit become accessible.

More and more humans around the globe are being sparked by their intuition, their inner promptings to create new, exciting, expansive experiences; casting off the old, limiting ways of feeling, thinking and being. We are making way for new insights and realizations about ourselves and the world around us. We are experiencing ourselves more as “spirit in body’ instead of ‘a body with a tiny spark of spirit.” As we grow and take on more and more light, each of us is engaging in a profound personal transformation, all taking place with the divine support available from our celestial friends.

A greater presence of our guardian angels and Archangels is being experienced at this time. And even higher levels of the angelic realms—especially the Seraphim are stepping forward to ignite a burning flame of unconditional love in the hearts of humanity.

A certification option is available throughout this series, giving the participant the training and materials needed to pass this series on to others. Includes registration with the Lightarian Institute, all six manuals and a teacher's certificate. Contact Lois Anne for the fee associated with the teacher's level.

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