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Everyone has a story. And while Lois Anne's is no different, she is a survivor of epic proportions.

Having survived and thrived despite abuse by those who were entrusted with her care, she left home at the age of 14, eventually becoming a ward of the state.

It was as a child that Lois Anne first met her angels. They would come to her with comfort and tenderness during her most traumatic times.

Before the age of 12, she had experienced two near-death experiences. During one such occasion, she lifted up out of her body and kept rising upward not understanding how or why. All she knew was that she felt wondrously light; the pain had stopped. She kept rising upward until she was met by a being of brilliant white light. Feeling pure love for the first time in her young life, she now knew there was something more than this life on earth. She wanted to go with the loving being with every fibre of her being but it was not meant to be.

A few years later, during a similar experience, Lois Anne asked her angels to take her with them. When they refused, she didn’t bother to listen anymore. She told the angels to go away and not come back.

After years of trying to silence the pain of her childhood, she joined the ranks of those courageous souls who call themselves clean and sober. She dug deep and found the courage to heal her past. 

Lois Anne came into her mediumship gifts spontaneously when the same beings of light that so gently showed her love as a child returned on her 40th birthday. For years, she let her gifts unfold naturally, learning to trust herself each step of the way. Eight years later, after a 30-year successful but unfulfilling career, Lois Anne took early retirement and once again changed her life. She was finally ready to listen to her true heart’s desire and her inner guidance sent her to what she was born to do.

Lois Anne is a Certified Advanced Psychic/medium, author, and spiritual healer who uses her gifts to bridge the physical and spiritual realms in an atmosphere of love and understanding. She brings clarity, healing, and connection to those on both sides of the veil.

Her own journey has given her a deep compassion for others who experience personal hardships. She now understands why the first four decades of her life were so incredibly challenging. A gifted facilitator of healing, Lois Anne is passionate about helping others reawaken to their own truth and to the love that resides within us all.

Lois Anne spends her time meeting one-on-one with clients from all walks of life, as well as leading workshops and retreats. She helps her clients connect with the brightest version of themselves—the version that understands their challenges and offers only hope, encouragement and permission to listen to their own heart.

As an evidential medium, Lois Anne gives detailed descriptions of loved ones in spirit such as physical description, personality, health issues, hobbies, etc. This allows her to share incredible messages of hope, healing, joy and laughter.

While she holds certifications in an array of healing modalities, it is her Ama~Deus Instructor title that she treasures most. Lois Anne is one of only six accredited instructors in North America certified by the International Ama~Deus Association and is considered by the Association as the East Coast Instructor. She has also studied with international mediums and healers around the globe including giving a successful gallery reading in front of 100 other mediums while standing on stage next to James Van Praagh.

Lois Anne embraces others with gentleness and compassion and has a deep commitment to help all who come to her healing center, The Cottage. She uses her wealth of transformation tools and 29 plus years of experience to teach with passion, authenticity and a healthy dose of humor.

Lois Anne calls Valley Mede, Ellicott City, Maryland home where she lives with her husband of 26 years.

You can learn more about Lois Anne’s story in her book:

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