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Inspired by the work of Dr. Masaru Emote  I have designed my own line of crystals that co-create with you a specific intention.
Quartz is a natural amplifier. When combined with your continued intention (which happens naturally each time you look at, hold or meditate with the crystal), you are co-creating that quality both within yourself and in the world around you. 

My Intention Crystals® undergo a sacred 3-week process of clearing, charging and asking for the blessing the crystal desires to illuminate. (This attention to each crystal is offered at no additional cost. It is a labor of love offered in gratitude to Earth Mother for all she gives us.) You pay only for the crystal itself.

When you are complete with co-creating the intended blessing, you may gift the crystal to a friend or simply peel the label off (there's no adhesive), run it under cool water and place in the window for 
approx. 3 weeks. It is now ready to co-create your next intention or simply enjoy in its natural state.

Each crystal comes with its own set of instructions.

In loving service,
Lois Anne

All 7 crystals from the first set of My Intention Crystals® have sold out. Thanks everyone!  
This new set will be available for purchase in about a week.
I have also been busy taking and making custom orders.  Call or email me with requests

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