The Cottage - Healing Session
The Cottage - Certified Medium, Healing Facilitator, Author

Please know...
that as of April 1, 2018, Lois Anne is reserving her limited private session time to work with clients attending 3 or more workshops in her new Development Series. 

Healing sessions will still be offered as openings become available. Contact Lois Anne to schedule.

Spiritual Healing

A spiritual healing session is a deeply personal and unique experience. You will be asked for an intention regarding healing. Then similar to the way I 'tune in' to the other side to connect with spirit guides or loved ones, I 'tune in' to what is going on energetically with the individual.

Many of us lose the very best parts of ourselves during times of stress, trauma, grief, etc. In its place, we hold the story of what happened. When old thoughts, feelings and emotions attached to the story are allowed to gently unwind and release, our joy, happiness, playfulness, trust, etc. can return.  

75 minute session: $125

My session was amazing—absolutely and in every way amazing. I am still in disbelief as to how much relief I feel today as compared to when we first spoke on the phone. Not only have my health symptoms improved but I went home that night and slept such a deep sleep and have been sleeping well since.—Tara Lemieux, Author, Mindful Musings

Thank you, Lois, for always helping me find my faith, my purpose, and my clarity. You are simply the best and we are so lucky to have you in our lives!—Dr. Allison Linquist, MD, Columbia, Maryland

I'm still vibrating from our session yesterday... it was so wonderful and amazing, thank you soooo much! J.K.

Pay in person with cash or check and save the 3% added credit card transaction fee.

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