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Life after Life Mediumship Demonstration with Lois Anne Smith
Host:  Eric S. Jones Williams, AAS, LMT, BCTMB
Sustainability Wellness

New Dates Coming After the First of the Year in Sustainability Wellness' larger space! Thank you everyone for a beautiful evening.


November 2, 2018.   1/35 seats left
Ellicott City Wellness Center
3691 Park Avenue, Community Room
Ellicott City, MD 21043
7pm - 9pm, $40

Join two LWISSD Certified Psychic/Mediums Lois Anne Smith and Nancy Andrews for an special evening of Messages from Spirit.  

Lois Anne shares authentic mediumship by bringing through detailed evidence of loved-ones in Spirit along with healing messages. The messages Lois Anne connects with are sure to uplift and inspire all who attend. She has connected to Spirit on behalf of clients (both nationally and internationally) since 2005. As an evidential medium, she brings through unique details (such a physical description, personality, health issues, hobbies, etc.) along with personal healing messages, always in an atmosphere of compassion and understanding for those on both sides of the veil. 

Nancy Andrews is a natural intuitive and energy healer. Growing up, Nancy was always a sensitive soul, picking up on energy, communicating with animals and the spirit world. In 2004, Nancy began taking her first psychic development classes and progressed quickly. In 2009, Nancy opened up her own spiritual/holistic business, La Luna Healing Arts. Between 2004-present, Nancy has received certifications in many diverse forms of energy healing, as well as training with some of the best psychic mediums locally and in the world. Nancy is committed to being a life long learner and life long teacher and she is dedicated to assisting clients with moving through transitional periods of life. She will share intuitive messages detailing your past and present, while giving you clear and detailed guidance regarding your future.

Please note that while every effort will be made to work with as many participants as possible, attendance does not guarantee a reading.

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