The ‘Ancients’ are a new find from Diamantina, Brazil. The crystals from this find exhibit distinctive naturally engrained patterns in a phenomenon known as Growth Interference. This phenomenon occurs when quartz shares its growth pocket with another mineral (hematite and/or calcite) that infringes on its development and grows into the quartz itself. These secondary minerals then disintegrate over millions of years due to acidic or hydrothermal conditions in the soil (or other geological factors), leaving behind only their imprints, much like a fossil. This is why they are also called Ancients. 

Their energy is incredibly profound reminding us that each experience we have in our lives is an opportunity for healing and growth, all leading towards our soul's evolution. 


They will absolutely call to the person they are meant to be with.

11in long, 937grams
Etched on 5 sides with rainbows, tabby near top, and a twin top. 

Ancient 'Growth Interference' Smokey Wand