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Soul Connection & Purpose Course
Downloadable, Self-Study Material
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We are three part beings: Body, Mind, and Spirit. Our Spirit or Soul holds our soul's contract for this life along with a wealth of insight regarding life experiences and challenges we encounter on a daily basis.

Explore this incredible part of you as you discover your soul’s purpose, your gifts and abilities, and your life’s lesson(s) in this downloadable self-taught format. 

The answers you will tap into can be a game changer as you uncover answers to age-old questions such as: Who am I? Why am I Here? Am I on the Right Path? These answers can empower you to make conscious choices that are in alignment with this truth.

In the same fashion that makes all of Lois Anne's offerings so popular, this course is no different.  It's sprinkled with her heart-felt personal experiences and hard-won truths that meet you right where you are and gently take you to the next level.

Includes a powerful guided meditation, extensive soul gifts and talents quiz, and detailed course material. 

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