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Ama Deus Sacred Healing
with Unconditional Love


Ama Deus is healing energy offered lovingly by the Universe as a tool to enhance our spiritual growth and awareness while supporting our physical and emotional healing. It is a spiritual practice of accessing a stream of consciousness that is love. Ama-Deus, or Love is a tool that works to enhance our growth and awareness for one's self, as well as others.


We often hear things like:

  Love is the answer;

  All you need is love; and 

  All the love you're looking for is inside of you.

Have you ever wondered where is all this love or questioned why it isn't flowing in your life as much as you'd like/need? In 2005, Lois Anne began working with a pristine pure healing touch modality as it gently guided her through a process of uncovering and rediscovering the unconditional love that is who she is at her core. And, it is who you are, too.


Brazillian healer Alberto Aguas was initiated into this way of healing by the Guarani Indians. The Guarani lived in the heart of the Amazon and comprised one of the oldest living indigenous cultures in existence - over 6000 years. Their view of life is from an energy perspective, a soul perspective, that reveals all of life to be sacred and interconnected. They would speak of the Amazon, the air, the vegetation, and people, as the kingdom of healing, and people would come from all over South America to be healed by the Guarani. 

The Guarani received Alberto with unconditional love, never questioning, always giving, always sharing, and there was much love in Aguas' heart for them. Both the Guarani and Alberto believed that love is in all healing. In an act of reciprocity, Ama-Deus was the tribe's way of sharing, through Alberto, their call to action with the world: to teach and share love. Alberto transitioned into the spirit world in 1992, leaving all of us to carry on this sacred healing vibration - this beautiful song of harmony that still sings today. 

Lois Anne began her spiritual journey in 1989. In 2006, she recognized the healing power that is Ama Deus, a power that eclipsed all other healing touch modalities she had previously studied. One day, while in the middle of passing a Reiki Master Teacher attunement, she heard from deep within herself, "This will be the last Reiki attunement you pass." Lois Anne understood these words and knew that she was being guided to share Ama Deus, the healing modality that she had kept to herself for many years. Since Alberto had already passed, Lois Anne traveled the country and studied with those who had learned directly from Alberto.


After taking more than a dozen classes all over the United States, she was mentored and initiated to the Instructors level by Elizabeth Cosmos, PhD, founder of the International Association for Ama Deus. For the next 10 years, Lois Anne assisted Cosmos in initiating instructors from all over the world. 

In early 2022, Lois Anne stepped away from the International Foundation to focus on sharing Ama Deus both in person and over virtual platforms. She has since taught Ama Deus throughout the United States, Romania, and other areas around the world. Love is expanding throughout the world - just as the Guarani envisioned.


Lois Anne's abilities, personal experiences, and dedication allow her to share Ama Deus in its original, pristine state from an indigenous tribe through the heart of Alberto Aguas, now, from her heart to yours.


Lois Anne teaches all three levels of Ama Deus and an instructor's level at her healing center in Ellicott City, Maryland, and on virtual platforms everywhere. 


Level 1

Saturday, Nov. 4, 2023

 10am - 4pm

Cost: $175

In this first class, is designed to be a healing experience. Participants take part in the ancient Guarani Indian initiation ceremony, symbolizing each person's willingness to acknowledge his or her innate ability to receive this high-level energy.

Participants will be given nine sacred symbols that the Guarani use in their work with this energy. These symbols assign purposeful attention to achieve a special goal, such as purfication, heart healing, soul clarity, connect with Spirit Guides, and more,


Lois Anne guides participants in use of the healing energy for themselves as well as others. A healing guided meditation is offered to enhance ones healing.

Level 2

Sunday, Feb. 18, 2024

10am - 4:00pm

Cost: $175

Location: The Cottage 

Those completing the first level can take the second level that teach additional symbols and their use to expand personal power. Symbols shared bring focused intention for healing to:


Repeating Patterns

Clarity for the Cause / Core of a Situation

Full Moon Manifestation

Astral Traveling

Dream Work

New Borns

Spiritual Vision

and more

Level 3

October 29, 2023

10am - 4pm

Cost: $175

The purpose of healing is to be a Light in the Universe. You have chosen at this time to be a part of the Earth history, are you all that you can be? What is holding you back? This Level III one-day course moves into energetic ethics, hygiene, and how to stay balanced and healthy. There will be discussions on the purpose of healing for the self and energy for use in healing. Along with meditation, there will be further clarification in the sacred symbols used in Ama Deus as well as 5 new ones. All activities move with the intention of BEING AN EMISSARY OF LOVE AND PEACE. Take a deeper step into becoming who and what you truly are - an emissary of love and peace.  The remaining five sacred symbols and healing are offered completing the entire Ama Deus system of healing,

Symbols include:

  • Calming

  • Healing for Lungs

  • Birthing

  • Children

  • Land/Property 

Instructors Level

Are you are called to walk the path of love by teaching Ama Deus to others? If so, congratulations. Lois Anne welcomes you to the Instructors Level.

Pre-requisite: Levels 1, 2 and 3


The Instructor's Level consists of:


  • An Initiation into this high level of service,

  • Learning the sacred symbol to initiate others,

  • Personal stones empowered for you to use during your initiations of others,

  • Music for the class,

  • Sacred symbol to empower the dream stone, and

  • Ama-Deus teaching manual.

Contact Lois Anne to begin this new part of your Ama Deus journey.

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