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Saturday, October 29th,  910am - 4pm


The purpose of healing is to be a Light in the Universe. You have chosen at this time to be a part of the Earth history, are you all that you can be? What is holding you back? This Level III one-day course moves into energetic ethics, hygiene, and how to stay balanced and healthy. There will be discussions on the purpose of healing for the self and energy for use in healing. Along with meditation, there will be further clarification in the sacred symbols used in Ama Deus as well as 5 new ones. All activities move with the intention of BEING AN EMISSARY OF LOVE AND PEACE. Take a deeper step into becoming who and what you truly are - an emissary of love and peace.  The remaining five sacred symbols and healing are offered completing the entire Ama Deus system of healing,

Symbols include:

  • Calming

  • Healing for Lungs

  • Birthing

  • Children

  • Land/Property 

Amadeus - Level 3

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