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Ibis Jasper has a fragmented appearance with natural caves and divots. This is caused by an event (such as Earth movement) that 'broke' it apart. It was then re-assembled with another mineral, in this case it's clear druzy quartz. This in no way makes it fragile. On the contrary. It's actually stronger in the broken places.


Ibis Jasper is here to teach us that every single piece is essential to the whole. It's a reminder that when our lives are in seemingly complete disarray and chaos, the pieces can and will come back together in perfect timing, especially when we allow Divinity to seep into us and fill our cracks and broken places. When we allow this, amazing things start to happen, things we could not even dream of coming together will do so in magical ways.


1019 grams

3.75" diameter


Ibis Jasper Sphere

Sales Tax Included
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