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Do you pick up on the emotions of others or sensitive to sights and sounds in your environment? Perhaps you aware of the energy of a room or office upon entering it or have a difficult time being centered and peaceful when those around you are hurting or upset? 

You are invited to join Certified Advanced Psychic/Medium Lois Anne Smith as she explores the gift of being Empathic. You will:
. Understand and define, uniquely for you, the terms Empathic and Energy Sensitive, 
. Explore the ways it affects you on a day-to-day basis, 
. Learn to celebrate its power, 
. Receive essential practices every empath needs to stay healthy in an energetic world.
. Discover the hidden gift of healing within you,
. Gain proven strategies to stop absorbing the energy of others.

Let's Celebrate Empaths and Sensitives

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