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Tucked away in the quiet community of Valley Mede, Maryland is a tranquil, peaceful and private place where people come from all over to find connection and healing.


Lois Anne

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Lois Anne is a certified medium and author who uses her gifts to bring clarity, healing, and connection to those on both sides of the veil. As an evidential medium, she is outstanding at bringing through evidence such as physical description, personality, health issues and other unique details about the person in spirit.  Important conversations are then facilitated.


Also a gifted facilitator of healing, Lois Anne is also passionate about helping others identify and shift old energy patterns, re-awakening to their heart's desire and worth. While she holds an array of certificates in different healing modalities, in 2010 she shifted into her own innate ability to help others. 


Several years ago, Lois Anne created her own Spiritual Development Series gleaned from years of experience, insights and wisdom. She knows that there are no other more important questions to ask then:

Who am I?  -  Why am I here?  -  What is my soul's purpose?

Lois Anne believes that each person must discover these answers for themselves. Her Spiritual Development Series is designed to lead a person to uncover personal truth - and so much more.

Join Lois Anne as she delves into the magic with her Spiritual Development Series. Each month, Lois Anne shares in-depth knowledge, insight, and techniques to develop and fine-tune your innate spiritual gifts. Yes, we ALL have them!


Today, more and more people are being sparked by their intuition and inner prompting to create new, exciting, expansive experiences. In doing so, we cast off the old and make room for new insights and realizations about ourselves and the world around us.


Joyce D., Virginia

Thank you for the reading in Manassas today; my mother, father, sister, and Nanny came through. I wanted to follow up with you about your exceptional accuracy! I checked my dad's records when I returned home, and am reminded that the specifics of his passing were exactly as you said. I marveled at your message from my sister. Thank you for your great gift to me this afternoon.

Cathy K. Florida

Thank you so much LoisAnne. It was truly a pleasure meeting you and listening to the wisdom that you shared. I was at peace all day yesterday after the visitations. My husband also found peace and healing in what you shared. We sincerely hope to meet you again.

T.S. Virginia

Thank you so much for the most incredible experience yesterday. Having that gift of time with my Father and both grandmothers was beyond words. I’ve already been putting so much more together since I left. I cannot wait to play back our session to further explore and understand all that was shared. I look forward to continuing on this spiritual awakening and look to you as a mentor for this. Thank you again! YOU are incredible!!!

2822 Greenway Drive, Ellicott City, Maryland, USA 21042


on the right hand side facing the house. Follow the stone pathway found on the right. It will lead you to The Cottage's front door.

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