Private Sessions

Meet with Lois Anne one-on-one as she opens her connection to Spirit just for you. This personal time is sure to uplift and encourage you on your spiritual journey.


Private Readings Via In-Person and Zoom

Lois Anne is exceptional at bringing through a loved one's physical description, personality traits, health issues, as well as traits unique to each spirit person. As evidence is shared and confirmed, messages are then communicated. Lois Anne feels that every message from loved-ones in spirit is a miracle.  As Lois Anne holds the space of unconditional love, the messages are sincere and uplifting. Having served Spirit through readings (both nationally and internationally) since 2005, Lois Anne received advanced certification by a renowned British medium in 2016.

$200 - 1 hour ($25 per additional person up to 3 people)

$110 - 1/2 hour

Energy Healing

A spiritual healing session is a deeply personal and unique experience. You will be asked for an intention regarding healing. Then similar to the way Lois Anne 'tunes in' to the other side to connect with spirit guides or loved ones, she will  'tune in' to what is going on energetically with you. Many of us lose the very best parts of ourselves during times of stress, trauma, grief, etc. In its place, we hold the story of what happened. When old thoughts, feelings and emotions attached to the story are allowed to gently unwind and release, our joy, happiness, playfulness, trust, etc. can return.

Zoom only at present time.

75 minute session: $150



B. K. Ellicott City

Today's visit with Lois was nothing short of exceptional. My heart is still overwhelmed. I've seen mediums before, but never had such accurate, spot on hits with my loved ones like I did today. Things Lois communicated could have only come from my very boisterous and colorful loved ones. It was really a long overdue reunion that made me smile, cry and laugh out loud. It truly made my heart smile to know that their energy is still alive and kicking and all around me. Thank you Lois, you're truly blessed.

S.C.E. Columbia, MD. 2019

I cannot recommend Lois Anne enough. The session I had with her was the most amazing and personal reading I’ve ever received. She is truly gifted and the entire experience amazed me. She provided me so much comfort and hope during an extremely difficult time. Her abilities coupled with her sincere empathy gave me an experience I’ll never forget and will forever hold on to.

NAB, Odenton, MD. 2019

Lois Anne is a compassionate and caring evidential medium. She is able to deliver messages from loved ones in a delicate and nurturing manner that heal the heart of every client. Lois Anne's ethics and integrity are unmatched, and I trust her undoubtedly.

Joyce D., Virginia

Thank you for the reading in Manassas today; my mother, father, sister, and Nanny came through. I wanted to follow up with you about your exceptional accuracy! I checked my dad's information, and am reminded that the specifics of his passing were exactly as you said. I marveled at your message from my sister. Thank you for your great gift to me this afternoon.